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[FREE] Venice : A New History download epub

[FREE] Venice : A New History download epub

Professor Thomas F Madden,: Venice : A New History

Venice : A New History


A spellbinding new portrait of one of the world s most beloved cities "La Serenissima." Its breathtaking architecture, art, and opera ensure that Venice remains a perennially popular destination for tourists and armchair travelers alike. Yet most of the available books about this magical city are either facile travel guides or fusty academic tomes. In "Venice," renowned historian Thomas F. Madden draws on new research to explore the city s many astonishing achievements and to set 1,500 years of Venetian history and the endless Venetian-led Crusades in the context of the ever-shifting Eurasian world. Filled with compelling insights and famous figures, "Venice" is a monumental work of popular history that s as opulent and entertaining as the great city itself."

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Author: Professor Thomas F Madden,
Number of Pages: 464 pages
Published Date: 29 Oct 2013
Publisher: Penguin Putnam Inc
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780147509802
Download Link: Click Here


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